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Mum-to-be sharpshooter has Olympic gold medal in her sights - METRO U.K

London 2012 Olympics shooting Malaysian shooter Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi giving the traditional Asian V for victory sign (Picture: Reuters)
The 29-year-old's first child is due on September 2, less than a month after the end of the London Games, and she admits she is having to adapt her travel plans for the games around the baby.
'What I hear from Malaysian Airlines is that it is not recommended to travel for a pregnant woman from 35 weeks,' she said. 
'When I go to London, I will be 33 weeks, when I come back it will be 34 weeks.   
'I will talk to the baby before I compete... "no kicking, stay calm for one hour and 15 minutes only please"'
'I don't think (I'll be attending the closing ceremony), we haven't planned anything.'
Whilst shooting is not overly physically taxing, it requires steady nerves and there have been questions asked as to whether it is advisable at this stage.
'My aim is to compete. Maybe, at the end of June or whatsoever, if I have some problem that would jeopardise the baby inside me, I will reconsider whether I am going or not,' she said. 
'But I feel I am strong and my husband says "as long as you feel like that, energized to do that, it seems like that is your baby talking to you so you go". 
'The doctors say I am very good and very fit and it is OK for me to train up to eight months or nine months.'
Malaysia has never won an Olympic gold medallist but in Suryani, they have someone who could change that, having won bronze at the 2010 Asian Games and gold in the Commonwealth Games that same year.
She qualified for both the 10 metre air rifle and 50m rifle three position disciplines in January, days after discovering she was pregnant, but because she cannot lie on her stomach, she is restricted to competing in just the one event.
'At first I was disappointed not to compete in that one (three position) but when I think back, this is still a great opportunity,' she said.
'Maybe they will say this is unfair because two persons shoot for one gold!'.


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