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29 Jun 2010




Theology and Philosophy - Ibrahim Darwish Muhammad
This course, divided into two modules, introduces the students to fields of Islamic philosophy and theology ('Ilm al-Kalam). The aim of the course is to enable the student to acquire a thorough knowledge of basic Islamic beliefs and an insight into the birth and development of theology and thought, leading to the emergence of various factions and movements. The course examines sources of the ideas of Muslim scholars whether Islamic or otherwise.

Module I covers:
1. Fundamental Muslim belief: the Unity of Allah, Prophethood, the Day of Judgment, the Angels, and the Revealed Books.

2. The emergence of Muslim Thought.

3. The rise of the factions: The Khawarij, the Shi'a, the Murji'a, the Qadariyya, the Jabriyya, the Ahl-al-Hadith and the Sufis.

4. The Hellenistic challenge.

5. The Mu'tazila, the Hanabila and the Ash'ariyya.

6. The Philosophers and the Sufis.

7. Developments in Sufism and the growth of the Sufi orders.

8. The era of Imitation.
Module II covers:
1. The reformist movements

2. Ibn Taymiyya and Muhammad b. Abd al-Wahhab.

3. The impact of the modern West.

4. The challenge of science and technology.

5. The challenge of social development.

6. Theology and the moral and social order.

7. Contemporary theological currents and politico-religious movements.


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