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An enterprise situated at the scenic Mesilau in Kundasang, at the foot of Mt Kinabalu, has been harnessing the mountain's cool climate to yield high quality mushrooms, especially the shiitake species.

Borneo Mushroom, established in 1992, is owned by Rural Development Corporation (KPD), a government agency under the Sabah Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries.

Borneo Mushroom is credited for its significant contribution to the mushroom farming industry in Sabah.

The company's economic activities are not profit-oriented but geared more towards complementing the government's efforts in poverty eradication, especially among the rural poor in Sabah.

Jamilah Lee is Borneo Mushroom's manager.

Rural Development Corporation (KPD) venture into mushroom plantation started from humble beginnings in 1989 where the company nurtured a few contract farmers in mushroom farming.

Initially KPD sought technical expertise on shiitake farming from experts in Taiwan, Japan and China, and gradually improved the planting techniques locally.

Di ladang sayuran kobis. Sungguh segar dan subur tanah kaki Gunung Kinabalu ini.

Borneo Mushroom supplies mushroom seedlings in pp bags and provides technical services on mushroom farming especially to KPD's contract farmers and farms.

Currently the centre is producing about 75,000 pp bags per month to meet the demand from mushroom farmers, especially KPD contract farmers.

In 2009 the centre produced almost 48,000 pp bags of seedlings per month.

The centre also conducts theoretical and technical courses on mushroom cultivation to participants from private agencies, institutes of higher learning as well as interested individuals.

Except for KPD contract farmers, fees are imposed on other participants. And, shiitake seedlings are only given to KPD contract farmers who are under the poverty eradication programme.

Those eligible to join as contract farmers must be from a family with a household income of not more than RM590 a month, which is below the poverty line.

Gunung Kinabali yang memukau mata tidak jemu dipandang

Kedudukan 1450 M dari aras laut

Bersama KPP PMS Terengganu Darul Iman Tn Hj Mohd Noor

The center's activities has since expanded into producing four species of mushroom seeds and seedlings
1) shiitake,
2) ganoderma or ling tze,
3) oyster and
4) the jelly ear mushroom.

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